SR63ng::What is it:

The SR63ng is a near clone of Tony Parks' recently retired SR63 RXTX board. The board has the same physical dimensions and connector registration as the original. It differs from the original in the use of surface mount components (SMT) rather than axial leaded resistors/caps.

The SR63ng does differ from the original in that it does not support the Rocky serial port interface. The SR63ng can be used as a stand-alone system with the addition of Tony Parks' PA/BPF/USB-I2C.

This card was created to support the MOBO-4.3 system and not to compete with Tony Parks excellent Softrock series of cards.


Preliminary tests performed by Mike Collins show the SR63ng to be equivalent to the original SR6,3 RXTX.

Build difficulty:

The use of 0805 sized SMT components requires a steady hand and a measured approach to building. This kit is not recommended for beginners as some components require advanced soldering skills.

Currently, there are no 'instructions' on how to assemble the kit. Schematics and component placement are the only aids provided.

The kit'ing system is rudimentary but functional.

Prices and Ordering:

    The SR63ng kit is no longer available from Yoyodyne Consulting.  Larry Yaw, W9AMR, currently offers this kit and support. Larry may be reached at for kit prices and support.


An archive containing schematics, parts layout and a BOM is available here

SR63ng built by WA6LTV

Photograph of the top view of an assembled SR63ng pcb

photograph of the bottom side of an assembled SR63ng