USB5102::What is it:

The USB5102 is USB audio class interfaced TI PCM5102 DAC. An Atmel AT32UC3A3256 provides the USB interface to the 32bit TI digital to audio converter. The unit is powered from the USB port and has 2 single-ended RCA outputs.

The USB5102 with the optional enclosure is a nice combination for those who like to take their music with them.
Firmware for the AT32UC3A3 is experimental and constantly being improved. Code can be found in the SDR-Widget google group or you may download the latest code branches from the GIT repository

Hardware Features:
  • Compact 110mm X 60.5mm board
  • Powered from the USB port or optionally you can supply 5vdc to the DAC separately.
  • Separate regulators for AVdd, Dvdd, clock and cpu.
  • Processor firmware can be updated by the user.


The PCM5102 is a 32bit DAC with 112db dynamic range with sampling to 192k. Output is quoted as 2vrms.
When the USB5102 is used on a computer running Linux with a kernel newer than 2.6.38 you can use the full sample range up to 192k. If you are using a computer running Win7 you can download a driver from Nikolay . Follow the instructions included in the archive. This driver is untested on Windows XP and any other version of Windows.

Build difficulty:

The kit uses 0603 and 0805 sized SMT components and has a LQFP144_20 cpu. The kit requires a steady hand and a measured approach to building. It is not impossible for a beginner to build the kit but it is not recommended. Currently, there are no 'instructions' on how to assemble the board and no hand-holding is provided. Schematics and component placement are the only aids provided.

The kitting system is rudimentary but functional.

Prices and Ordering:

  The USB5102 kit is no longer available.


Documentation for the kit is located here.

Assembled USB5102 DAC